You can also download my CV (my current cv.pdf).

Doodle Hex

doodle In Feburay 2008 Doodle Hex finally got accepted by Nintendo’s quite stringent quality checks. It was a day to celebrate. After two canned projects this was the first game on the market. I was superhappy to say the least. As for what I did on the project, well, we started from scratch. We even had to wait a couple of weeks for the DevKits to arrive. In this project I was in charge of almost everything concerning the DS hardware, so 2D engine, 3D engine, networking libraries, filesystem, etc. In addition to that I did my best to keep the build system running, keep the source tidy and write a lot of smaller tools (in c#). Without much experience in passing Nintendos’ quality check in the team, it was also a challenge to get everything right to pass the strict criteria. Well, we prevailed, and I’m proud đŸ™‚


In January 2006 I started working for a company called Climax. With its sutdio in Kingston uppon Thames it had a quite fancy location to work on games. For the next 9 Months I should work on a game on Nintendo DS covering ground on my first real games-only console. At first it was quite hard to get to know the console and also the already huge codebase which was already there from a previous game. It was quite good fun making mini games, porting code from GBA (that meant i got some insight into the GBA hardware as well) and to just experience working in a multicultural company. Also living in such a multicultural city like London was a cool new experience. Unfortunately things turned bad and our game got canned, and as it happens so often, the whole team got laid off. Well, at least I was able to gain a lot experience, which I needed for the next project.


Nemesys is based on an artificial neural network
trained to posses special emotional behavior which could be beneficial in highly
character centric games, such as adventures or MMORPGs. Nemesys itself was trained using Matlab and programmed in C++. To test the system I used Unreal Engine from Unreal Tournament 2003 with a stereoscopic projection which was installed at my University. This code was done with UnrealScript – which is an impressive example of how to enable people to mod your game!


In 2002 I spent a summer internship at the Polytechnical University of Valencia (UPV) to participate in a project called HealthMate. In this project I had to program and evaluate one set of sensors consisting of a pulseoxymeter, an ECG and a blood pressure sensor. Theses sensors were equipped with a RS232 compatible interface. These interfaces had to be multiplexed, the data had to be read into a C# application which was run on a mobile device. This project was interesting because of 3 factors, first it included hardware development as well as a new programming language. But the main key was, that people actually profit directly from this project.


FlexSimTool is basically a simulation toolkit for artificial neural networks. The special features of this particular simulator are on one hand the possibility to define new neuron model (via DLLs), the support for time coded neuron models and on the other hand its XML exchange format, which extends the NeuroML standard. During my time in the simulator team (10 people) I spent time planning the system core (together with 2 colleagues) and coding (in C++) the DLL system, memory management and XML export system.



In ’00 I joined MGAArts as a programmer for their startup game called Gate Zero. The picture to the left was concept art for the Kentai, one of the races in this real-time strategy game. In this project I had to develop different tools (like file streaming, compression) and the games audio code, which was in that time 3D sound under DirectX7 with codecs such as ADPCM. Unfortunately we never got far due to bankruptcy.


The European Health Forum Gastein (EHFG) was founded in 1998 as an European health policy conference with the aim of providing a platform for discussion for the various stakeholders in the field of public health and health care. Since the first year of its existence the administration and organization of the computer infrastructure of the congress was my duty. Every year since 1998 I had 1 month to organize everything around computers, and who ever organized a congress will agree that this is quite challenging.


In 2001 I started working in a company (MGA, Salzburg) developing a financial software for small and medium businesses. The work mostly consisted of database design for an Interbase SQL server with client code in C++ builder. It was not the greatest of all works but during this year it gave me insight in how a professional products gets to ship. I left the company shortly after going gold, I heared they kept on releasing patches for a while, but the software didn’t sell that well, that’s why there is no MGA anymore.


My first project at the University was a 3D Construction Kit called RockIt which was used to model a robots geometry, actuators and sensors. These models were then saved in XML to be used in another tool which simulated these robots in common situations – like robot soccer. In the end the program was the starting point for creating real robots for the RoboCup championship. 

This project was coded together with one of my colleagues in 2000 with Java3D 1.0


  • Manfred Eckschlager, Regina Bernhaupt, Manfred Tscheligi: NEmESys – Neural Emotion Eliciting System, ACM Proceedings of CHI2005 – Conference on Human Factors in Computing Systems
  • Regina Bernhaupt, Manfred Eckschlager, Michael Lankes: Real or Unreal? – An Evaluation Setting for Emotional Characters using Unreal Technology, Poster at ACE2005
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Finished web pages:

www.bergrettunghofgastein.org Homepage of the mountain rescue team Bad Hofgastein (designed together with Wolfgang John)
www.oehof.co.at Hotel Ă–sterreichischer Hof
http://www.eckschlager.sbg.at Appartement Eckschlager (100% own work)

Oldschool material:

In ’94 the local TV station RTV Gastein asked me to design a prefix for their daily shows. This prefix was rendered with 3DStudio before there was any MAX. Somehow it really looks crappy,in addition I hope nobody starts suing me for the sound which I took from Total Recall soundtrack. But the really hilarious thing is that the channel still uses this prefix (although they never played the sound) Well, see for yourself. LOL

These are the oldest pictures I’ve found which I made back in ’92. Some of my friends and I built our own demo – or rather tried to. Of course we were big fans of Future Crew!